Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snapping Out of It, Slowly

I dug out my camera and after silently scolding myself for the thousandth time for not taking photos more regularly, I decided to upload a few from the summer. Summer 2010 was pretty good up until the moment it wasn't, and now it's October already so I figured I'd better save some pics for prosperity to prove it even happened!

Kiddos and Grandma at Maggiano's

This was actually in the spring, when I got to meet my idol, author Elizabeth Berg, at a Catawba College book signing.

A lazy Saturday moment.

Playing nicely MUST be documented.

On a visit to Washington, NC to visit family. Luke and Nate enjoying themselves, just a little. These two knuckleheads sure do love eachother.

My dad's house is being renovated by the new owner, and he's been kind enough to let me tour the place. Wish I had some before shots, but trust me--HUGE differences, and all for the better. It's going to be a beautiful home for someone again.

A visit with sweet Cousin Corinna from Atlanta. Olivia's first night in America was spent at her house, after she picked us up from the airport. They share a special bond.

Happy cousins Luke, Nate and Olivia on the boardwalk in Washington.

Liv holding Uncle Larry's camera. Off camera, her mommy is holding her breath.

My little mermaid.

Pretty pink Washington sunset.

Back home in Charlotte, Ethan and Nate share an Ipod moment.

Nate's seventh birthday on July 1 started out with chocolate chip waffles presented by his sister. . .

and ended with chocolate cake at Counter Burger. Not bad.

Here's Liv at tennis class last week, working on her serve.

That's it for now! Onward with 2010. It's getting better.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet pics. Tell Olivia we'll have to play tennis the next time we get together. Love to you all. Corinna