Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal-tastic breakfast

Congrats to Will and Kate. We celebrated at Casa de Pellin by having our juice in wine goblets along with our Multigrain Cheerios while watching the coverage.
It was good to turn on the morning news and see something fun for a change.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April is the cruelest &%$#ing month

OK, so score one tiny point for me for letting my intuition guide me this weekend.

When Liv woke up with a generally achy tummy on Saturday I did what most mothers and grandmothers who came before me have done for generations. I asked: "When was the last time you went number two, Honey?"
When she couldn't recall, I gave her a Motrin and some hot tea. She felt better, and we proceeded with our day of picking up the house, getting a hair trim (mine) and other errands. She was able to eat a little lunch, but not much.

When we got home, Anna Marie came by and the two of them assumed their position on the sofa in front of the laptop with their heads glued together at the sides. At one point Liv stood up and doubled over in pain, clutching her right side.

That was it--after one phone call to run my thoughts by Mark and my mom-in-law who were out with Nate, we were on our way to the ER. My mother-in-law and I are both appendicitis veterans with the lovely scars to prove it, so we knew the signs.

After some brief examinations, blood tests and tears, Liv was in the operating room having a laparoscopic appendectomy. I became tearful only after the surgery was underway and Mark was with me in the waiting room. Honestly, it all happened so fast it took that long for the reality to catch up with me. Within 45 minutes after she entered the O.R., the surgeon came out with some digital photos of our daughter's intestine and the offending little, um, appendage. It had a little jagged black hole on the tip, the beginning of a rupture.

"Thank God you brought her in when you did," Mark said. And thank God the surgeon and his attending physician didn't listen to me when I practically begged for ultrasounds, CT scans and any other tests before they put my baby under general anaesthesia. In the end they stood firm and went with their gut (sorry), and for that I'm so grateful.

So, here's to over-protective moms and knowledgeable, slightly stubborn surgeons everywhere.

Today Olivia's much better, a little sore from the operation but eating, drinking and moving around slowly but surely around the children's wing of the hospital. Nate, her cousin Emma and her grandma have all been here making a fuss over her. Fingers crossed that we can head home tomorrow, that's the plan! Meanwhile, she'll have a great "How I Spent My Spring Break" story for next week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random April Updates

1. I woke up early Friday morning to the unmistakeable sounds of Nate getting sick in the hall bathroom. Several high temp readings and one Dr.'s visit reminiscent of a hog-tying later, we were sent home with orders of fluids and rest. It's just a virus, but a wicked one. However, our boy is not so weak that he doesn't require one robust-sized mom and a seasoned nurse to hold him down while a strep test is being administered.

2. Today is day three of Nate's sickness and spring finally decided to arrive with gorgeous 70-degree temps and clear skies. Watching him stare out the window at the neighborhood kids playing basketball at the goal at the end of the street is heartbreaking.

3. Olivia and her cousin Emma are in our church's spring musical this evening. They each have several lines and have been practicing for weeks and weeks. My job is to videotape something other than my toes and the heads of the people sitting in front of me so Nate and Mark can watch it later.

4. I watched a Disney TV movie called "Starstruck" with the kids last night, starring Sterling Knight (please God that can't be his real name). Unbelievably horrible.
I found myself saying things like "Um, most girls don't care that much about cars, Honey." and "I'm pretty sure she's too young to go to a concert without a parent."
Anyway, somehow I've got this insanely catchy song from the movie burning a hole through my brain:
"Somethin' about the sunshine, bay-beee, seein' you in a whole new light!
LA's cool with the palm trees swayin', OOH it's so right!"

Help me.