Wednesday, March 9, 2011

By the way. . .

Nate often begins his conversations this way. And even more often, it's something that's clearly NOT a "by the way" item. As in, "By the way, Mama, my diorama of an eastern estuary system needs to be turned in tomorrow." Oh, you mean the shoebox that has virtually nothing in it that's occupied one end of the dining room table for two weeks? This, as I was tucking him in bed at 9 p.m.

But sometimes his "By the way" comments are truly priceless. Last night, driving home children's choir practice:
"By the way, when the bus driver was early this morning? And didn't wait for us? Dad said a really, really bad word." Then he added,nodding emphatically, "But don't worry, I covered my ears. Because, whew! It was really bad."
This was followed quickly by,
"Oh, and by the way? Ms. Brainerd says I can say the 'A' word as long as I'm talking about a donkey."

OK. Good to know.

Friday, March 4, 2011

That's So Random

That's the title of the sketch comedy show that Demi Lavato's character performs on Sunny With A Chance, one of Olivia's favorite shows. Not that her mother has ever watched it. Ever. Ahem.
It also clearly describes the thoughts that inhabit my brain on this particular Friday afternoon. You know, in addition to my work, of course.

Must remember:

1. Olivia's b-day party next month, possibly at indoor pool at the Y. Do all her friends know how to swim?

2. Order cake. Mmmmm. Cake.

3. See if M. wants to take advantage of sainted grandma babysitting tonight and go see a movie or just get a DVD, order Thai and pass out on sofa promptly at nine with mouths open. But preferably not still full of food. That would be gross.

4. Must. Clean. Entire. House.

5. Layer cake or sheet cake for O's b-day? Is 10 too old for a character cake?

6. Mmmm. Cake. My mom always loved devil's food the best. I want my Mama.

7. Gather tax stuff for meeting with CPA next week. Sigh.

8. Enter daily points on Weight Watchers site before bed. Double sigh.

9. How many points does movie popcorn have? 6? 5,000?

10. Will my hair dresser forgive me for forgetting to cancel our appointment that I don't even remember making, but apparently missed on Saturday when I got the strained, over-polite voice mail from the receptionist? Should I just move on to another salon? Or just relocate and change my name?