Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Stuff

Snow day today! Well, snow day in Charlotte, which really means ice day, but whatever! No school and my office actually ca-losed, which almost never happens.  A brief rundown of recent happenings at Casa de Pellin:

We got back Sunday night from a visit to Pinetown to see the extended fam. Completely glorious to see them. We all reveled in the company of  cousins, both kid and grown-up ones.  Nate and Bobby's two older boys tromped  around in the woods and fields for hours, we hit a local bakery and got to enjoy both Parker's bbq and Bill's hot dogs.  Liv also went on a little photo tour of town with Uncle Larry.  Can't wait to get back. It had been too long.

On the table lately: beef strew, chicken casserole, chicken tortilla soup, kale and bean soup,  and all things comfort. Looking forward to a pancake night soon.  Liv will happily eat salad that night. Weirdo.  Tonight we will likely gobble up our snow day provisions, two frozen pizzas.  Over the weekend Holly reminded me of when Dominos first came to Washington when we were teenagers and they didn't deliver out to us so we had to meet the driver half way. I had completely forgotten that.

Looking forward to: meeting up with my Dawn in Greensboro for lunch and girlie time this Saturday, weather permitting.  Cannot wait. Also planning to see the movie Still Alice soon with some friends from work.

Current state of Nate: Looking forward to spring rugby. Tried the winter session and loved it.
Still liking middle school although he says he wishes he was in a calmer class.

Current state of Liv:  Looking  forward to FBLA trip in March,  and picking out her courses for - gulp- high school. That's enough about that.

Tomorrow they're calling for more frigid temps and possible flurries.  Send the St. Bernard's for us.