Sunday, May 3, 2015

Before I forget!

I must make a note of this special day before it flutters away in this whirlwind we call life!  In the past year or so our faith as a family has been ...challenged to say the least.  Today, though, I had the untainted joy of seeing the second of our two kids get baptized.

It's so humbling to know that both of our children have the courage to say, "OK, whatever this world throws at me, I can take it on with God beside me."    Thank goodness. Life is too hard to go it alone, and as much as we try to be there for them, parents don't have that omnipresent thing going on.

Today also snatched me from ruminating in how Nate is firmly entrenched in pre-adolescence and all the wonderfulness that entails.    In just the past week, our communications have included such gems as arguing over whether he should wear a collared shirt to a school event, which very nearly resulted in the two if us rolling out onto the lawn with me struggling to wrestle said shirt over his head.

Just the other day he received a lengthy lesson in how to properly apologize after telling me, "I'm sorry I snapped at you to stop singing. It's just that you sounded kinda stupid."   Yeah.

The thing is, every now and then his face still looks exactly the same as when he was about two, when I was his Person, and he didn't want me out of his sight for a second.  Singing or not.

But today-TODAY-  he was back to his sweet self and even let me hug him in front of his friends.  I'd better work on developing a new coping technique for the years to come  since he probably shouldn't get baptized every week.