Monday, May 23, 2011

Too Soon For Aricept??

Hey- have you ever been in the grocery store, pondered buying some vanilla Greek yogurt to go with your work lunches, but then decided you won't spend money on more yogurt until all the disgusting overly-sweet yogurt that your kids like is gone? And then, while packing your lunch later that night, frantically searched for the vanilla yogurt that you were SURE you bought?

Yeah. Me neither.

Oh! And have you ever purged your pantry, which included throwing out some old baking powder from 2002, and then a few days later you wanted to make this killer recipe for pancakes and then proceeded to turn your cupboards inside out looking for the blessed 1/4 tsp baking powder it called for?

Me neither. But wouldn't that be funny? You know, if someone you knew actually did that?

And have you ever driven into the parking lot at work and found a super-sweet spot extra close to the building, which is miles away from where you normally have to park, and then when five o'clock rolls around you're wandering around the parking lot trying to look nonchalant while you press the "panic" button on your key fob so you can find said vehicle??

Ahem. Me neither. But if I knew someone like that, I'd probably suggest that she stop watching lame-o LOST DVD's and get to bed on time!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've Been Waiting Such a Long Time for Saturday

Good day today. Blessedly uneventful.
Liv and I actually woke up in time to make it to the farmer's market today while it was in full swing. We got to visit the last two Austrailian Sheepdog pups that a local rescue group brings each weekend. I explained again why they can't come home with us, but in my heart I have named them Annie and Mable and they get along famously with Wally and no one minds that every available surface in the house is covered in their fabulous tri-colored fur.
So, yet again, we had to be satisfied with Baucom Farm eggs and a bag of kale, a head of baby romaine and a quart of strawberries. Not a bad consolation.
After Nate's baseball game (they lost 14-16 but the Natester got two nice base hits), we headed over to Matthews to pick up a birthday gift for Grandma.
We also stopped for a couple of DVD's, Ace Ventura for the kiddos and the last season of LOST for the oldsters. We are totally addicted to that freakin' show. We can't help but burst into giggles when we talk about it.

"Like, do you think Sawyer loves Juliet now that they've time-travelled back to 1977?"
"Well, yeah, but if John Locke turns the big wheel and sends them back to present day and they all get rescued, it could change EVERYTHING, man."


Good day.