Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 08: The Good, The Bad, The Turkey

UUUUUGH. I'm still recovering from stuffing myself stoopid last night, but I wanted to go ahead and list the faves and raves that made last night so special. Oh, and there were one or two items that I'll definitely vote "no" on if theyre on the Thanksgiving ballot next year.

The Good:
1. Uncle Dan's turkey---roasted to perfection for hours, scarfed down in nanoseconds, as it should be.
2. The creamy brussells sprouts. A new twist for me this year, but surprisingly easy and especially enjoyed by our resident veg head Liv.
3. The company---my sweet MIL, sis-and-bro-in-law and their kiddos can't be beat.
4. The after-dinner-offer: My sis-in-law temporarily lost her mind and invited Liv and Nate to spend the night, so I didn't have to break up the Wii party that was still raging at 7 p.m.
5. The Thanksgiving night selection on cable. Moonstruck for the grown-ups, and Home Alone being DVR'd for the kidlets.

The Bad:
1. The stinking, rotten cold/flu virus that wouldn't go away. Mark relapsed just in time for Turkey Day, leaving him home with nothing to look forward to other than a Nyquil-indused coma. He did resort to the Afrin so he could taste the big plate of food I brought home for him.
2. My attempt to crisp-up the graham cracker crust for my pumpkin cheesecake backfired. I pre-baked it about 5 minutes too long and it was hard as a rock. The filling was yummy, though, so I wasn't completely mortified.
3. The distance, illnesses and financial strains that kept some people we love away, and we from them. Next year will be better.
4. That second- -or third- -loaded plate of food, that left me having to sleep propped up on three pillows. What? Was? I? Thinking??!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Et Tu, October?

I haven't stopped to journal anything going on in awhile; there's been a lot going on but not much I can really put out there on the innernets.

Let's just say October, which is normally one of my favorite months of the year, was not very kind to Casa Pellin in the year 2008.

But, moving forward, we still have our health, our children, our home, and our slightly intact minds, so we're soldiering onward. And November, which is already almost over, gives us lots of good excuses to get our eat on, among other wonderful things.

So, my mind has gratefully turned toward food. Isn't it great how food is always there to comfort us? Um, I guess that's a good thing, right? This year for Thanksgiving I'm thinking of trying something different with sides; I've seen a recipe for creamy brussels sprouts with bacon and another for cauliflower au gratin that I want to try. And I'll give Mr. Nate $5 if he tries even just a taste of them!

Other random, POSITIVE updates:
1. Liv is taking an "Acro-dance" class this year and really enjoying it. She was getting bored with the tap/ballet routine but didn't want to stop going to her regular studio. This was just the shot in the arm she needed to stay interested. The format is all floorwork, with the kids mainly doing handstands, somersaults and other tumbling exercises to music. Fun for Liv, fun for me to watch.
2. Nate has two best-buds, Rowan and Jake, that he talks about all the time. And get this---he always uses their first and last names whenever he refers to them. Very formal. Like we don't know WHICH Rowan he means, after he's told us the story about how he and Rowan planted pumpkin seeds in egg cartons for the 99th time?
He also made his first phone call to his friend Elena yesterday after school. Hi-larious. Mark and I tried not to die of cuteness overload when he said, "Hello. This is Nafaniel Pellin. May I speak to Elena please?"
3. My dad has two invitations to Thanksgiving dinner back home. One pre-Thanksgiving meal at my aunt's the night before and then a restaurant buffet lunch the next day with another aunt's family. I am super relieved about this and also a tad jealous!