Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last weekend recap

Friday marked Olivia's first venture into wearing "real" earrings. She opted for these cool, colorful danglies.

A very poor photo of two very excited campers. This was the morning of drop-off at Chameleon's Journey, an overnight adventure camp sponsored by Hospice for kids who've suffered a loss.

Olivia hula-hooping at the drop-off/meet & greet. Homegirl can keep this up for about seven minutes straight. Amazing.

The view about 10 steps from the boys' cabin.

Olivia caught writing in her journal.

Nate chatting with a BFF he met within five minutes of arriving.

Thank you, Hospice. For everything.

Speaking of thanks. . .

We had to drop off the kids at an ungodly hour that morning, but I got up before anyone else and this lovely stuff was my breakfast, spread on top of an English muffin. It's my Aunt Sybil's pear preserves, and I was lucky enough to score a jar on my birthday the last time I visited. My Aunt Sybil is about 50 times more awesome than most people. She and my Uncle Bobby welcomed countless visitors into their home when my dad passed away back in August. She fed them, listened to their stories, entertained my children and smiled, all while quietly mourning her big brother.
Sometimes thank-you just isn't enough. But I plan to keep saying it, all the time.

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