Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Sucked, Then I Cried

The above title is the actual name of a book I saw today at Books A Million. It summed up my day so beautifully, I almost cried. Again. Because my day did indeed totally suck.
Allow me to explain:
6 a.m.--I woke up to find that the teeny, minor poison ivy rash on my left arm had migrated all the way up my side spreading up to my left. . .bra area. I realized that slathering on the calomine wasn't going to work if I actually planned on wearing clothes to work. I made plans to call the Dr. as soon as her office opened.

7:45--Said goodbye to kids and headed out the door, grabbed a high fiber breakfast bar on the way out because yes, that's another purty issue. Realized after a few bites that it tasted like ass. The coffee was good, though.

8:30---Arrived at work and make appt. with my Dr., stood up to stretch and promptly rolled my left ankle, which instantly ballooned to the size and color of a ripe plum. I wish I had footage of me careening backwards, flopping in my desk chair and rolling out of my cubicle, though. Had to be a hoot.

9 a.m.---I actually had a good work groove going and I suddenly remembered that hubs and friends have been sweetly suggesting that if I happen to find myself in front of a Dr., I should maybe, you know, ask for a little "mother's helper" pill to you know, HELP me. I pondered this while elevating my bare left foot on the corner of my desk. I'm glad I went in for a pedicure last weekend.

1 p.m. (or, The Icing On The Crap Cake) --I'm sitting in the Dr.'s office and in the middle of her examination of my ankle and my rash, my cell phone rings. I apologize for having to answer, because it was the number from my dad's assisted living facility. It was the alzheimer's unit manager, and it wasn't good. My dad's behavior has been a little out of control the past few days and today was no exception. I tell her that I'll be right over after the appt. so we can, as she put it, "put our heads together about his future care plan." A few minutes after I get off the phone, my doc reaches for her prescription pad and introduces me to my new friend, Lexapro.

I wanted to record today's events because a year from now,I hope to look back and see that things have greatly improved. I may even laugh a little, things are so much better. Right? Right?

There were some good things too, otherwise I would've gone back to bed at lunch.
For one thing, we unintentionally celebrated Cinco de Mayo here at Casa de Pellin. I had been planning taco night anyway. Also, hubs got some excellent Pacifico beer to go with them. I like him. Also, Uncle Dew from Ohio called to say hi and when we passed the phone to Nate he sang a hilarious song on request. Something about "24 robbers at my door. . ."--I guess you had to be there. Trust me. Hilarious. Liv was also happy and we're all happy to be around Happy Liv.

But mostly? I am happy that May 5, 2009 will be history in about 45 minutes. G'night.


Cait said...

It does sound like a very long day. Hope your tomorrow with be brighter to embrace...and the rash won't be so bad, either.

cait said...

Thank you so much for the note. I so hope you have a relaxing weekend.

dawn said...

tracy. i love you. but i am laughing. but i love you. you know that, right? because if anyone can take shit circumstances and make them funny, it's you. that being said, what a load of it you had. i'm convinced that we need to shelve the coffee idea and go straight for the hard stuff.

how's your ankle?
btw, better living through chemicals. it's not so bad. trust me.

BadBadIvy said...

Hey Tracy,

Thanks for asking about me at Home Ec 101. I love feeling loved and missed, hee hee.

A couple of months ago, my life went careening toward dangerously stressful. The highlights include: my grandma taken off her feeding tube and taking a long, horrifying 15 days to die, 3 abcessed teeth in different places in my mouth making it nearly impossible to eat anything, one of the people I do contract work for bouncing a very large check to me, and me running out of Cymbalta in the midst of some of this drama and getting so nuts, I was concerned the men in white coats were coming for me at any minute.

So when it all crashed, I took some time off from Home Ec 101 to put the pieces of my life back together. Slowly, I'm getting back on track. But believe me when I say I can totally relate to your crappy day.

I expect the Lexapro will help you a lot, I know Cymbalta has propped me up and made it a lot easier to cope. Unless I run out. My suggestion to you: never run out, haha.

And I'm so sorry to read about your dad. Alzheimer's is one of the worst things you'll ever have to deal with. My grandmother had its cousin, dementia and it was flat out awful.

Here's to more happy days for the both of us! *hugs*