Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pass the Bandaids. And the wine.

Work has been soooo crazy. So crazy, but I feel almost guilty complaining about it, given the state of the economy right now. What defines "crazy" in my world is being asked to do not one, but several things that are far, far out of my comfort zone, and to do them incredibly well. Then yesterday, there I was, feeling good about the fact that it was Friday and I had at least overcome the panic of having to do the other things, I get asked to do yet another incredibly uncomfortable thing- - -and at the same time as the other thing!
Once I had splashed myself in the face with my coffee (not really) and had a little cry in the ladies' room (true, but quietly)and vented to poor Mark after I got home and stomped up the stairs to change clothes (also true, though not so quietly), I finally processed through it all. Now, NEXT Friday is dangling in front of me like a carrot- - -all the bad work-related stuff will be out of the way by then, and believe me, this donkey can't wait for it to get here!
Work isn't the only hyper-nutso thing; there's also my dad's illness back home, and various other ickiness here and there. In between juggling these 900-pound balls of life, I've comforted myself with many merciful Band-Aids or quick-comforts:
Cuddling Nate in his fleece PJ's every morning.
Snuggling with Liv in the big leather chair reading American Girl books.
Watching Trust Me, The Closer or Damages with Mark after the kids are in bed.
Sipping hot coffee with half-n-half while watching the above DVR'd masterpieces.

I sure will be glad when this "hump" of triage mode is over. Band-Aids are great for the short-term, but I'm ready to be boo-boo free for awhile!

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dawn said...

i love you friend. and i'm holding bandaids. xxxxoooo