Monday, January 19, 2009

I smell (smeyull) snow!

As a born-and-raised southern gal, I grew up fairly snow-deprived. Hubs had his share in Ohio, where, in fact, he DID actually walk to school in the snow, and often. Ask him. He'll tell you. Many times.

But now I get to watch my kids slowly realize that living below the Mason-Dixon ain't what it's cracked up to be if you want to see some white stuff. It's kind of heart-breaking.

But today. Today! Today we actually heard a bonafide forecast that includes one of those low-pressure thingies coming down from Canada, combined with just the right amount of moisture and if the planets align with Mars and the moon is exactly 3/4 full we might actually get up to FOUR INCHES OF SNOW TONIGHT, PEOPLE!!

And, of course, living up to my southern roots, upon hearing this forecast I totally freaked and bolted to the supermarket. I honestly couldn't help myself. Did we already have milk in the fridge? Yes. Bread in the breadbox? Yupper. But alas, the force was too strong. We needed eggs, because what if we were totally snowed in and wanted French toast? Huh? What then? We also needed little juice boxes because what if work closes and I want to lay in bed an extra 30 minutes and one of the kids wants juice? What then?!!

So, I went. I conquered. And now it's all put away and the kids and I are waiting. And waiting. Liv and Nate have gone from playing games to playing cards to nearly killing eachother to playing again. As for me, I don't know what's more exciting, watching the snow actually fall and stick to the ground or the sheer anticipation of its arrival.

I'd better go make some cocoa to calm my nerves. I bought some of that too.

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dawn said...

wasn't our huge snowstorm so pretty? did you make snowcream? my neighbor made a 10 inch snowman. so cute.