Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Thirty-Everything Day To Me!

Flowers, compliments of Cousin Holly. Variety-slice cake, by Harris Teeter. Plastic fireman hat that magically appears on kitchen table every night, compliments of Nate.

My Thirties In Review Thus Far, A Prayer List of Thanks

1. Thank you for my babies---I wanted them much earlier, but the timing, when it came, couldn't have been more perfect.

2. Thank you for letting me turn thirty-nine. I haven't been taking care of myself lately, and I rush around through life all too often not thinking or looking or stopping nearly as often as I should---I'm amazed I've made it this far!

3. Thank you for my sweet H, and for helping us become homeowners (twice), and for somehow allowing us to continue to listen and hear eachother over life's everyday noise.

4. Thank you for my dear friends and exended family---the Daddy who sent me a sweet card and called me after the kids were in bed, the mother-in-law who knows the greatest gift of all is to keep the kids overnight once in awhile (thanks again!), the uncle who e-mails beautiful photos of butterflies, bears and riverfront views that make me homesick, the cousin who never forgets to send me a silly card, the other cousin who sent me gorgeous, autumn-colored roses. They inspire and sustain me.

5. Thank you for all the other people in my little speck of an orbit that make my world keep spinning around: my hilarious co-workers, our kind, ever-generous neighbors and fellow church members.

6. And, oh, thank you for my big cup of coffee every morning. Of which I'm gonna need a double dose of if I don't get to bed.


dawn said...

i give thanks for you and your friendship and i give thanks for your overlooking our ridiculous oversight in the now infamous movie ticket fiasco! 39? where has the time gone? xxxoooo

Anonymous said...

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