Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy School Year!

My resolutions for Aug. 2008- June 2009:

1. I will make sure that each child's bookbag is thoroughly checked for forms that need signing each night.

2. I will NOT give in to last-minute requests of a packed lunch as I'm heading out the door to work. The school menu is on the fridge and is discussed approximately eleventy times per day. It is not my fault if you decide at 7:59 a.m. that, although you're not sure what dumplings are, the thought of them makes you heave.

3. I will allow enough time each morning to get two kids adequately prepared for their school day before I head to work. Whatever amount of time I think that will be, add another 25 minutes.

4. I will ensure that there is a breakfast alternative to Pop-Tarts available each morning. I'm just over the Pop-Tarts in general and they leave the kiddos hopped up and starving 30 minutes later. I don't mean to hate on the Tarts, and we may very well resort to them later, but for now I've gotta try to do better.

5. I will start preparations for bedtime at least a half-hour prior to the actual bedtime, thus allowing time for a relaxed storytime and toothbrushing routine, instead of turning into Mrs. Yeller McYellington from Yellville.

6. I will graciously thank my husband each day (or at least weekly) for agreeing to be the Bus Stop Dad on our corner for the second year in a row!

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dawn said...

how about these also mrs. yeller mcyellington? (i love that)
1. i will make my own self go to bed at a decent hour so that i can function somewhat properly the next day.
2. i will give myself a break when i can't be superwoman at all times.
3. i will remember that i have friends who love me and can help or give me a break at any time.
4. i will remember to put on underwear each and every school day.