Tuesday, November 6, 2007

They were angels at the pumpkin patch--what happened?

On a more peaceful day

Have I said that I love my kids? I'm sure I have, and believe me, I do. I love how they accept everything as it is, including their deeply-flawed Mama. I love how they argue over who gets to snuggle next to me on the sofa----hey, working all day and living with a workaholic man (albeit very cute) who works nights can feel pretty isolating, so it's nice to come home and kick back with two people who actually nearly come to blows over who gets to sit next to you!

BUT!! (You know you saw the but coming!) Sometimes I don't think I'll be able to take them into a restaurant until they're about 25. I was really looking forward to this evening; I was going to treat my dear friend Dawn to dinner at one of those burrito places (her pick). Dawn, addition to being super smart, funny and kind, has suffered through about three funerals in the past month and a-half, and I wanted to sit and catch up with her while also celebrating her belated birthday, which was last week.

One of the things that makes Dawn so special to me is that she appears to genuinely love spending time with my kids. Even when they interrupt our conversation 89 times in one hour. Even when SOMEONE *cough*-nate-*cough* accidentally pokes me in the eye with his drinking straw and causes me to scream in pain, thus losing my train of thought AGAIN. Even when they announce they have to go potty immediately after we sit down with our food and I end up spending the next 20 minutes in the bathroom with Olivia, um, I mean someone, who for some reason does no longer likes to do "the number two" in her school's little girls' room. Even when they, when it's finally time to leave, accidentally go out the patio door, then run delightedly around, ignoring their mother's demands that they follow her out the correct door to the parking lot.

But I did manage to squeeze in a couple of updates about my life, and I think I heard Dawn say that she's holding up OK. OH, and she's lost about 70 some-odd pounds in about six months---you look smokin' hot, Dawn! You the hotness! Thick or thin, I love you all the way through. And so do those little monsters of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Tracy, you forgot about the one who shall remain nameless who was so worried about the teeniest drop of water that was accidentally spilled on the restaurant floor, that he actually dropped to his hands and knees to mop it up. Now THAT's adorable. Probably one of the few times in his life that he'll ever do it willingly tho!

BTW, I lubs you too, my friend....dearly. Oh, and those obnoxious, bratty kids of yours too! :)