Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Girl

I really need to post some photos soon so I can look back on events of the past few months. Meanwhile, a teensy vent.

Olivia and Mark are attending the school's first annual Daddy-Daughter dance this Saturday (uncles, grandpas and guardians welcome too of course). We first found out about it a month or so ago and she and I agreed (next time I'll get it in writing) that she would wear the cute little black sparkly dress she wore to Benjamin's wedding.

So last night while out trick-or-treating we ran into one of the other dads who said that his daughter, a friend of Liv's, bought a new dress this weekend and was very excited. We told him how excited Olivia also was, and she piped up, "When are WE going shopping for a dress, Mommy?"


After we walked on, I reminded her that she already had a dress. Remember? The one you wore to Benjamin's wedding? Then she did what it takes most women decades to perfect. She said, "Oh. It's OK." Then she sighed. Then she got quiet.

So naturally I went out at lunch and plunked down whatever money I've saved from brown-bagging my lunch this month for a new dress. A red one, with a cute little shawl thingy for the shoulders. Sheesh. I need my head examined. That thing that some moms are born with, the thing that makes you do ANYTHING to make your daughter smile, even when they're being a bit of a butthead? Yeah, I need to have that thing surgically removed.

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