Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another August Almost Gone

For me, August is hard. I've mentioned that, I know. The absence of my parents is even more palpable during their birthday month, and this year was also the first anniversary of Dad's passing.

Also, I'm currently taking a prednisone prescription for poison ivy contracted during a river tubing trip (more on that later). The prednisone is only slightly helping---I've been sneaking into the bathroom at work to claw at my upper arms. It also has a tendency to cause insomnia for me, so. . .a slightly sad girl alone with her thoughts at 1 a.m.? Bad combo.

I just miss them. I miss the way my mom would say, "Oh, HELLO!" whenever I called. I miss the way my dad would say "Fairly middlin'" whenever someone asked how he was doing. The answer was the same whether he was having a great day, or bedridden in the hospital.
I miss watching them with the kids--my dad showing them the glorious ritual of making homemade churned ice cream. My mom putting her curlers in Olivia's hair. But mostly I just miss them.

There's good stuff in August, too: Olivia's adoption anniversary, which brings a celebratory dinner and family fun. The reminder of a never-ending blessing. Oh, and Mark's cousin Pam's birthday, which almost always guarantees a visit from her. And this year it did; she came down from Ohio with Aunt Ro and we had a great time together eating out, swimming at Grandma's neighborhood pool, etc.

School began last week and turns out I was the one least prepared. Back to crazy schedules and structured bedtimes? Bleh--do I have to??
But, I'm determined to pull myself out of this funk and get in the groove. Life is actually pretty good. Itchy, but good.

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