Monday, January 10, 2011

Twenty Eleven, A List

1. My favorite part of the holidays was between Christmas and New Year's when several family members came into town to see us! My sweet aunt and uncle from Pinetown and my cousin (their daughter) from Atlanta all met up in a hotel here in Charlotte for a few days. Throw in an indoor pool and the kids thought Santa had come a second time.

2. My second favorite part was right after my family left, and I was feeling a little bummed. Then hubs surprised me by suggesting we round up the kids and head to Great Wolf Lodge for New Year's. Because he is spontaneous like that. GWL is a resort in Concord with a huge indoor waterpark. Not to be confused with the GTL (gym-tan-laundry) routine from Jersey Shore.

3. After a Whole! Entire! Week! of gruesome school and work we are now being rewarded with a bonafide snow day. About five inches fell Sunday night and it's still floating down in huge, feathery flakes.

4. The kids and I made snow cream at 10:30 a.m., one of the 8,947 ways to use condensed milk in your life.

5. Have you ever wondered how many times your average seven-yr-old can ask "Mama?" in a six-hour period? It's exactly 10,988.

6. Have you ever watched a What Not To Wear marathon with a straight dude who was seemingly waaaay more into it than you? I have. That happened.

7. Cocoa with skim milk = yums.

8. Cocoa with half-and-half = buh-bye resolutions. But it's totally worth it.

9. I went to Shari's Berries website last week and made a certain cousin of mine very happy on her birthday with a gift of chocolate strawberries and cherries. If I could've seen her face, I would've been even happier. I'm a little homesick. Sniff.

10. I'm off to make more cocoa with half-and-half. Now I'm happy again.

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