Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seven Things for Nate

1. On July 1,2010 you turned seven!

2. And have I mentioned. . .on July 1, 2003 you finally emerged after being taken by force. You were eight days late. I forgive you.

3. Your party is this weekend, nine days after your actual birthday, because no one is ever in town the weekend of your actual birthday. You just HAD to be born the week of the fourth, huh?

4. Breakfast is your favorite, so your sister came up with the idea of surprising you with chocolate chip waffles and fruit kabobs on July 1. The same chick who calls you annoying 99 times a day also planned that dadgum breakfast for DAYS. Go figure.

5. You enjoy your corn cut off the cob these days, as you're a little front-tooth challenged.

6. You love Pinetown every bit as much as Charlotte.

7. We love you all the way to Pinetown a bazillion times and back.

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