Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random updates. . .

Current state of Olivia: She's about to break her mother's heart by turning nine. Nine! How could she? She's about to pop a gasket with excitement. There's a sleepover party planned. (sigh--I finally caved). I've been avoiding the inevitable slumber party for a couple years now, but we figured we'd better go ahead and let this happen BEFORE having the carpet in the den replaced. Clever, huh?

Current state of Nate: Loving little league again this year. His team has green uniforms and they elected to call themselves the "Leprechauns"---heh. Not exactly a name that strikes fear in the hearts of their opponents, but eh, whatevs. They're adorable 6-year-olds, whether they like it or not. To his great relief, Nate's been invited to spend the night with his cousin Ethan during the Big Sleepover.

Current state of Casa Pellin: We're OK. As usual, we have grand plans for the yard that may or may not come to fruition depending on the bank account and whether or not we even remember what we'd planned. :)
Today we did some yard work, then we all showered and decided to go splurge on a nice lunch. We hit this new place called "The Counter" over at Southpark, where you can get burgers cooked to order, and awesome fries and onion rings. Deeelish. We sat on the patio and basked in the afternoon rays and soft breezes.

Tomorrow after church we'll swing by my dad's so he can see the kids decked out in their Easter duds. The kids have a little basket for him with various goodies that I know he'll enjoy. If nothing else, the chocolate will guarantee us a few peaceful moments with him. These days, a snacking Grandpa is a pleasant Grandpa.

Right now I'm trying to decide if we should have lettuce leaves for dinner since we had an unusually big lunch or if I should bother to put together an actual meal. Hmmmm. We went a little crazy with dyeing eggs---maybe egg salad? To be continued. . .at the moment the kiddos are furiously working on some artwork to leave the Easter Bunny, Hubs is banging out an article on his laptop and Jack Johnson is wafting from the stereo. Nice. Not a bad way to start the weekend before spring break.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that baby is going to be nine. Miss all of you.