Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why are my feet cold? And why are there wet, yellow leaves on my front steps? What? It's OCTOBER, you say?

October is a perfect time to discuss September!

September '09 launched my body,however unwillingly, into its fourth decade on this fine planet. There were a few other milestones, too, and I managed to capture some in pictures. Of course, there were many moments that unfortunately were not recorded for prosperity. Like the five whole nanoseconds that my minivan was clean, September 14 I think it was. Or the day I was actually able to blowdry my hair the exact same way as my stylist. You know, the important stuff. OH, and one tragic incident involving Wally dressed in an Americal Girl nightgown. Let's just say the culprit was apprehended and dealt with. Our poor Wally, however, may still need some intense canine therapy.

This is how my birthday started. Yes, that's a diaper. On a balloon. My team's way of showing their love.

But there were also these. . .

and later, one of these. A Senor Tequila masterpiece.

And here we are together with hubs. Look out, Charlotte--oldies on the loose!

Other random September moments. . .

The most stubborn wiggly tooth in history finally succombs to its fate---in a bouncy house outside a BBQ restaurant while staying with Grandma! Mom and Dad were busy sipping the Midori Margaritas in the above photo. The tooth fairy still visited, but alas, the tooth itself was never recovered. We've since had to convince the Nater that the tooth fairy only brings FIVE DOLLARS for the first tooth. Hey, we've got to have something left for college.

Outside Barnes and Noble--photo by Grandma.

Perusing Grandma's purchases like possums.
One evening while the boys went camping, this lovely lady was my dinner date. She's cute, but she talks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Love you. Love the updates. You really should write and novel or submit some articles for publication.....

Holly said...

Not anonymous, just computer illiterate.