Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our second adoption

Despite our inner little voices telling us we should wait until "things calm down" a bit around here. . .

Despite the fact that we have two hungry little punks around here already. . .

Despite all that, we were simply in need of a few more smiles around these parts.

So, we started the paperwork process about a month ago and then, suddenly, we were fast-tracked into becoming a household of five.

What can we say? The heart wants what it wants. And life, with its never-ending twists and turns, will keep happening. There's never a "perfect time" for anything, and postponing joy is typically advised against, isn't it?

Our new little Pellin isn't a newborn; at two and a-half he's already potty trained! He also adores his brother and sister and trust me, the feeling is quite mutual. He's a blonde, brown-eyed cutie. Oh, and he has the cutest little beard.

Because he's part terrier.
And dachshund, too.

And did I mention photogenic?
Meet Wally. June just beat May by a landslide.


dawn said...

awwwww i KNEW it was coming....he is adorable. and wally...what a great name. i am so happy for your new little bundle of joy! xxxoo

Anonymous said...

You freaked me out for a minute, but in the best of ways! Wally is adorable too though. Glad he's blending right into the family. Corinna

clover said...

You had me going Tracy! You newest baby couldn't be more adorable if you dressed him in a onesie!