Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Laugh, Then I Cry. It Must Be Christmastime. . .

The Smiles:
1. Starbuck's peppermint mocha. And it tastes even better in the little red cup.
2. Playing A Charlie Brown Christmas on the stereo while decorating. And seeing Nate learn that crazy Peanuts shoulder-shrug dance from his dad, the master.
3. Watching Liv and Nate sing in the choir; I sure wish my mom could see them.
4. And a smile soon to come: seeing Mark and our brother-in-law, Dan, play wisemen at the Christmas Eve service. Complete with headdress and robes. Excellent.
5. Opening all the cards from faraway friends and seeing how their kids have grown.

The Tears:
1. Knowing that this will likely be the last year we have two firm Santa-believers in the house.
2. Sitting in the coffee shop recently, I saw a 60-ish woman with her daughter at a nearby table. At one point the daughter pulled a red sweater out of one of her shopping bags and held it up to the mom, admiringly. The mom reached over and brushed a crumb off her daughter's chin, as natural as breathing. I had to leave before I started blubbering into my mint mocha.
3. Finding Zoe's little empty stocking in a box of decorations.
4. Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas---yes, the CD is on the "smiles" list, but I just can't take seeing that sad little Christmas tree! And yet, I can't look away. . .:o)

I've been shown so much love and mercy in '08, not the least of which has come from my friends and family. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and may '09 be the year that we all resolve anything we've struggled with in the past year. Merry Christmas, y'all!

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dawn said...

your friendship is one of the best christmas blessings i could ever hope for. i treasure you and your sweet family in my life. merry christmas my friend.