Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Day of Five-ness

Another installment of "Abuse of Blog as Baby Book."

Our resident five-year-old really loves:

1. Doughnuts. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime--who cares when, just bring 'em on in bulk. He'd rather have Krispy Kremes than any other treat, including ice cream. I'm seriously thinking about ditching the birthday cake for next year (he just licks the icing off anyway) and picking up a couple dozen chocolate-glazed KK's with sprinkles and call it a day.

2. Fire trucks. Since he could walk, this kid has made woooo-woooo siren noises that made our windows rattle and our dog head for under the bed. He once came down our stairs dressed for preschool in last year's shorts (which were now short-shorts), a plastic fireman's helmet and cowboy boots. In February. He totally looked like a tiny Chippendale's dancer. I should've booked him for a bachelorette party and put some cash in the college fund.

3. His grandpa (my dad). They have been tight since day one, and one of the first "real" sentences out of his mouth at two years old was "My pa-pa is my best friend." My dad happened to be within earshot at the time, so I'm pretty sure that kid is getting a new car one day.

4. His sister's nail polish, jewelry and ballet outfits. We have pictures that will one day surely get him to do my bidding lest I show them to his friends.

5. Going to Pinetown to visit. He's a displaced country kid, for sure.

6. Going to Ohio. He's only been once, but frequently asks when we're going to "The Ohio" again to see Uncle Dew, Aunt Ro and Pam.

7. Watching the "Here Comes a Fire Truck!" DVD. See #2.

8. Playing with Anna Marie, our little eight-year-old neighbor. She's a lanky blonde beauty, but Nate loves her for her video game collection and acrobatics on the swing set. Technically she's more his sister's friend, but don't tell him that.

9. Swimming in grandma's community pool. He just made it to the other side of it without water wings the other day! It wasn't a pretty sight---a lot of flailing and splashing but he got there.

10. His grandma. For her generosity, constant gentle sweetness and, like any good grandma, she ALWAYS has gum.


Dawn said...

i've heard of doughnut birthday's a great idea. and if you get them all nice and gooey in the microwave, the sugar will melt them together into one glorious rocket fuel decadence. maybe you can stick a little toy john deere tractor on top for the big guy, too. :)

Dawn said...

oh and btw, i have a whole file of embaressing shots of my nephews with adornments of stickie on earrings, pink fingernails and pink tutus. it works wonders for bribery material when they get older hehehe!

TracyMama said...

Really? A doughnut cake? You sound as if you speak from experience, Oh Wise One! Tell me, have you partaken of this delicacy? It definitely sounds worth trying; it wouldn't linger nearly as long as that heavy-as-lead birthday cake has!

Dawn said...

you can just assemble your krispy kremes into layers like a could use sprinkled doughnuts for the outside for a kid's bday cake or whatever "color" doughnuts you want for whatever occassion and then glazed and creme filled inside for that extra decadence. fun, huh? if you heat the glazed doughnuts a little, the glaze will get sticky and help them stay together. :) yum